I’m building a forum.

Does anyone even use forums nowadays?
I’m still gonna build it regardless, because I like building them, but here’s a little bit of background info.

Back when I first started Strange Brew, it was always my intention to not just be like just any other shop, but to build a community (well more like a secret society really, but we’ll get to the handshakes and rituals later). So alongside Strange Brew there used to be a blog/forum called La Maison de la Mort, which was a a lifestyle community for the grown-up Goth/Steampunk/Metaller/Neo-viking/General weirdo etc

Anyway, La Maison fell by the wayside, but I still really want Strange Brew customers to be like a little chosen family. I want Strange Brew to be a company that listens to its customers, not only about the products but about who you are and what you do. I want to read your blogs and like your stores, and trade at your events, and go see your band play.

So, I have decided to add a forum to the website. There will be a place for Strange Brew related things, and a place for La Maison, and a place for my sisters venture ‘The Veiled Path’ (although I changed the name to Strange Brew, because, that’s what we are).

So if you fancy being part of the Strange Brew fam, sign over your souls hereĀ http://strangebrewsoap.com/forum/ talk about soaps, music, whatever you like. this is your new home