Hello Strangelings

With the help of your feedback we have decided that Strange Brew will offer some bespoke items.

 We know that some people don’t like ‘bits’ in their soaps such as glitter and flowers etc and would just prefer a plain bar, so for every bar we make with inclusions, you will be able to order a plain version, no bits, just fragranced.

Also, so we can include people whose skin is of a sensitive nature, but who like the appearance of a certain product, by request we can provide an unfragranced option.

Thirdly, you may really like the look of a certain soap, it might match your bathroom perfectly or be in your favorite color, but you don’t like the fragrance, Well, there will also be an option to have any stock soap made with any stock fragrance. As this will be an order made specifically for you as an individual, you will have to order it by the loaf (around 10 bars of soap’s worth) I’m hoping that pretty much caters for a wide variety of individual requirements and we’re always open to discussion for custom orders.